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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oh well

My dream house was sold at auction today.  It was Penthouse A in the Williamsburg Savings Bank tower - suggested retail price 3.75 million. This is the apartment with the abandoned observation decks that I wrote about here and here. My little fantasy was always to buy it and open the decks back up to the public. Unfortunately I did not win the lottery in time to throw a bid in there.

I hope whoever did buy it knows he or she got a small piece of history and one of the most interesting spaces in New York City, not just another overpriced downtown Brooklyn condo with a nice view.

UPDATE: Congrats to Olivia Tandon. From the Times article:

“I was very swayed by the terraces,” she said, which used to be private observation decks for the bank president and bear plaques retelling the history of the battle of Brooklyn. They were an important feature for her daughter, Olivia Tandon, a public school teacher for whom she is buying the apartment as an upgrade from a smaller apartment Ms. Tandon owns in the building.

This makes me happy. I hope she takes her students.


  1. Well, there's always next time it goes on the market.

  2. Hey, thanks for the congrats! I will definitely share the history with my students (although I teach science) and friends and family too. The plaques are truly fascinating and I enjoyed reading your posts about them. I'm sure if you wanted to visit after I move in, it could be arranged - I'd love to learn more about your project!