My continuing quest to see everything in New York City

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Explorations & Adventures: Highlights

New York City

The Bridges of New York County
Over, inside and on top of New York's bridges.

George Washington
The Other Way of Climbing 



- Feelin' Groovy



Secrets of the City of Light
Above, around, and below hidden Paris.

Is City Hall Worth $18.91?
Subway tunnel running
For advanced tunnel running visit LTV

Tightrope on top of São Paulo
Balancing on the tallest building in Brazil
Abandoned Observation Decks -  Part 2
A lost piece of history on Brooklyn's tallest.

Il Sottosuolo
The amazing underground of Naples, Italy
The Most Desolate Place in New York
A visit to North Brother Island
Pictures offsite at Tide and Current Taxi.

The beautiful bridges of Middlesbrough
A Walk Under the Park - 2009 and 2010
One more schlep through the Riverside tunnel.
  The White Whale Lives
Rooftop fun and frustration in Buenos Aires.
Prison Ship Martyrs' Monument
Racing up Stanford White's Brooklyn masterpiece.
  The Beast of the North
Climbing Scotland's landmark Forth Rail Bridge.