My continuing quest to see everything in New York City

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History Channel (Video - TV Appearance)
Looking for alligators in the sewers of New York City with the show Monster Quest.

Travel Channel (TV Appearance)
Canoeing through the Staten Island boat graveyard with Off Limits host Don Wildman.

WNYC (Article w/Audio)
Visiting abandoned stations and talking about the subway lines that never were. More thoughts here. 

New York Times (English)
A feature article about myself and others who enjoy going interesting places in New York.

Guardian UK (English)
A short article about "recreational trespassing." Mostly about climbing bridges around town.

Maxim (Spanish)
Another feature, but with pictures. Focused on the high-adrenaline angle. Solo en Espanol. (scanned)

Arena (Danish)
Basically the same article as above, but in Danish and with some different pictures. (scanned)

La Stampa (Italian)
I have no idea where this one came from. Anyone care to translate?

Wall Street Journal (English)
Short interview along with Kevin Walsh and Cindy VandenBosch.

WNET/MetroFocus (English)
Op-Ed on street historians to promote the UnionDocs panel

Queens Tribune (English)
Walking Tracks and Tracts in Brooklyn and Queens

Time Out New York (English)
I'm also the "anonymous lunatic" quoted in the first paragraph.

WNYC (English)
One lovely summer day going places and doing stuff with the Flux Factory and 40 random people.

NY Press (English)
Another lovely summer day going places and doing stuff with the Flux Factory.

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