My continuing quest to see everything in New York City

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About the Tours

These are exploratory tours: I’ll take you anywhere publicly accessible within the 5 boroughs of New York and can work with any kind of theme or area - the stranger or more obscure, the better.   Plan on seeing things you’ve never even heard of before – heck, plan on seeing things maybe even I’ve never heard of before.    Most tours are by a combination of subway and walking - the subway is one of the most interesting parts of the city, and is part of the tour in and of itself.   However, I can do car or bus tours if you have your own transportation, and I also specialized in bike tours, which are one of the best ways to see the city.

My goal as a tour guide is not just to show you the city - it's to have you understand the city, and truly know the parts of it that interest you.   A good tour guide's job is to make him or herself obsolete.   After a tour with me, you'll feel comfortable traveling and exploring anywhere in the city on your own.

Please note - I will not take you anywhere that involves trespassing.
 About You

There are a few criteria you’ve got to fulfill as well if you want in on the tours.   You must be curious.   You must have an idea of the type of things you want to see and discover.   You must be willing to walk (or bike) and spend time on public transportation.   And you must be willing to go anywhere in the 5 boroughs. 


I can work with absolutely any area or theme.   I’ve done tours in all 5 boroughs, at all hours of the day and night.   Three of my most popular are:

Ethnic Blitz – Travel the world in an afternoon!   Four hours, an unlimited Metrocard, and a mission to see (and eat in) as many of New York City’s amazing ethnic neighborhoods as possible.   Record is 12 countries, representing 5 continents (and 3 boroughs).

The Bronx, Past and Present – The Bronx today contains some of most vibrant and interesting areas of the city.   And historically, it’s made some amazing contributions to American arts and literature.   The most unappreciated of the boroughs, the Bronx IS New York City culture, yesterday and today.

The Other Jews of New York – You know Seinfeld, “Oh Vey” and the storied Lower East Side.   But Jewish culture in New York is much, much more than just what you’ve seen in Woody Allen movies.   Jewish communities from every continent, of every religious persuasion and ideology, exist throughout the 5 boroughs.   Meet some of the Jews you don’t see on Seinfeld.


There’s the boring way and the fun way.   The boring way is $50/hour base rate with a 2-hour minimum + $5/hour per person (so $55/hour for a one person tour, $75/hour for a five person tour).   Discounts are available for large groups.    The fun way is to make me an offer - whatever you can think of; maybe I’ll go for it and maybe I won’t.   Access to anywhere interesting in New York (or anywhere in the world for that matter) is sure to at least get you a pretty decent discount.

Every once in a while I’ll also lead a casual group walking or bicycle trip to an interesting corner of the boroughs if the mood and circumstances hit.   A couple of other people who do this and are worth tagging along with are Kevin Walsh and Matt Green.


For More

Read Tourist Hell.   This isn't about you.   Really.   I promise.