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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The End

April, 2013, I finished up my Census Tract walk, heading down to the last tract I had left in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn. Tim Stelloh, a great journalist and fun guy to walk about town with, write a short piece about it here. In the future, if you need to get your walking-around-town fix, I suggest you check out Matt Green's - he's walking every street in the five boroughs.

In conjunction with finishing both the walk and my book, I'm retiring this blog as well, although I might still update the travel blog from time to time. You can still follow along with whatever I happen to be doing in life on the Twitter or the Instagram if you like though.

A final note - to be fair, Big Pun should be singing 99.95% - Because out of the 2217 census tracts, I actually still haven't gotten to one of them - Bronx Census Tract number 1. But that's the only one I've actively been trying to miss. Riker's Island.

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