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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Idiotarod 2009

EDIT: Here the video of running through Queensbridge

This was my first Idiotarod - we were the "Tourists from Tallahassee," bribing judges with Empire State Building tickets and fresh squeezed OJ screwdrivers. I was the crotchety old tour guide. The whole thing was loads of fun - I had been needing a day of doing something silly for no particular reason.

The route was pretty good - from the East River waterfront on the Upper East Side, over the 59th Street Bridge to Long Island City, then north straight through the Queensbridge projects (that was fun - a couple hundred arty Hipsters dashing through the biggest housing project in New York) to the park by the river. Down Vernon to Hunters Point, then over the Pulaski Bridge into Greenpoint, finishing by the water at the northern end. Lots of pictures on Flickr. None I can find of our team yet though.

Neighborhoods: Long Island City, Upper East Side, Queensbridge, Hunters Point, Greenpoint. Census Tracts: M106.02, M110, Q25, Q37, Q1, Q7, B563, B565, B575


  1. Queensbridge video available via

    from window overlooking route

  2. Got a photo of your cart? Did you decorate it? Did you win?