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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Northeast Queens

An uneventful walk through a lovely, if somewhat nondescript area on lovely, if somewhat nondescript day. There's a show at Queensboro Community College to see the Flying Karamozov brother, who I loved as a kid (and one of whom played the flute at my parent's wedding), so I take the #7 to the end of the line and walk it over to Bayside. There's some interesting architectural details on Tudor-style apartments, the kind of stuff Kevin Walsh of Forgotten-NY would love (I loved it too, but not enough to keep track and write about it), some interesting industrial areas in north Flushing, and a pretty good Sri Lankan restaurant at the end in a little South Asian corner near Kissena Park. But really, it was mostly just a way to get some census tracts in in an out-of-the-way part of town. 28 to be exact - only 79 more walks like that and I'm done!

Neighborhoods: Flushing, Whitestone, Bayside. Tracts Walked: Q889.01, Q889.02, Q867, Q1161, Q1159, Q1157, Q1155, Q1151, Q1147, Q1141, Q1175, Q1159, Q1129, Q1459, Q1429, Q1451.01, Q1451.02, Q1447, Q1441, Q1399, Q1403, Q1409.01, Q1409.02, Q1417.01, Q1207, Q1203, Q1205, Q859

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