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Monday, February 11, 2008

High Line

I first walked the High Line about 5 years ago or so, and since then construction on making it a pedestrian promenade has taken over the southern half, and soon the northern half. The first visit is always the funnest - and it was one of the first "technically off-limits" places I'd gone in New York. It was the middle of the day and the unique vantage point of walking through (well, above) a bustling Chelsea was really cool. I found a conveluted way down near the southern end that ended up with me swinging down from the awning of a meat packing plant - since demolished - onto West 13th street.

I have mixed feelings on the whole promenade thing: it's always sad to see another little corner of the city go, but I'm happy that's there more public access to interesting places (this article really puts it better than I can). I really hope they integrate some of landmarks of the old High Line with the new promenade: the little garden near the northern end complete with lighted up mini-Christmas tree, the graffiti in the loading docks of the southern end, one of the last REVS COST murals you can still find in Manhattan near the middle. I can't say I'm optimistic on this point though. This town is all timing - you've got to see it before it's gone.

More thoughts on the High Line here

Neighborhood: Chelsea, West Side. Tracts walked: M83, M99

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