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Saturday, February 16, 2008


New York City's largest housing project (and former home to Ron Artest, Nas, and many others) doesn't have quite the same rep it once did - my old walk home took me up Vernon Boulevard behind the projects countless times at 3:00 AM. The Park behind the projects has some of best views of the city you'll find (and a great vantage point for the OATS piece across the River on Roosevelt Island). North of the Queensbridge projects, but south of the Ravenswood projects on 36th Ave is an interesting, mostly industrial area, noteworthy for some vintage cabs you'll find parked on the street, a wonderful-smelling donut (I think) factory, the huge, Mr. Burns-esque power plant, and the WallNuts. Really, if you are at all into commissioned graffiti murals, I really must insist you wander around industrial Long Island City. Anywhere North of Queensbridge and West of about Crescent the WallNuts have on lockdown.

Neighborhood: Long Island City, Queensbridge. Tracts Walked: Q25, Q35, Q37, Q39, Q41, Q43, Q27, Q29, Q49

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