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Monday, February 11, 2008

Little Korea in the Bronx?

For whatever reason, I love this area up in Bedford Park off the northern part of the Concourse. It's recently started to be home to the first significant Asian community in the Bronx, centered around a couple blocks of 204th street.   Koreans neighborhoods are kind of like some of the African-American neighborhoods in town - it seems like for every three people, there's a storefront church.   But the Koreans are just one of many communities in the area - it seems to be one of those neighborhoods like Ditmas Park or Kensington: a little corner of genuine integration in an otherwise largely segregated city.   Maybe it's this, maybe it's that I love the Bronx and especially the Concourse, maybe it's the day, but there is just an incredibly friendly, positive vibe coming off this area.   Last time I was there an incredibly old-school lunch counter (complete with soda fountains) was still hanging on, staffed by two ladies that has to be in their 80s.   That helped a lot also.

Neighborhood: Bedford Park.   Tracts Walked: Bx411, Bx413

1 comment:

  1. Yes,I agree, the area is changing. I sell medical equpment and cover The Bronx and I have a client on 204 and Grand Concourse (little Korea). There is also a growing population of eastern European (maybe Albanian or muslim-European) in that area as well.

    The Concourse has so much potential. The buildings are beautiful. Hopefully this economic downturn doesn't halt the changes in this area.